Alumni Program

Lakeside Recovery Center takes great pride in the success of our graduates. Throughout the year, events are held, welcome to alumni. Many times, people are inspired to “give back” and the events held provide a way for these people to do so. Developing a solid and enriching recovery network is a cornerstone to any person’s recovery, and the ability for alumni to keep in touch with both each other and Lakeside allows clients and graduates to stay connected and engaged in an atmosphere of recovery.

Tuesday Night Recovery Group

Every Tuesday night, Lakeside Recovery Center hosts their Recovery Group Meeting ( Existing clients and Alumni only) .Twelve step programs have been proven successful by people in recovery throughout the world. That being said, it can be uncomfortable and nerve-racking for people new to recovery to attend their first meeting.

Our Recovery Group is comprised of people currently in treatment at Lakeside as well as people who have graduated. Alumni are welcomed to come back to the place they developed their foundation of recovery and share their experience and wisdom with one another. Group members are exposed to a beginner-type meeting to become acquainted with the format of 12-step meetings. The meeting provides a forum for a safe and welcoming environment to learn the basics of committed meeting attendance. Formats for these meetings include topic discussion, recovery readings, meditations, and speaker meetings.