Individual Counseling

This one hour weekly session will provide a safe space for exploring personal issues in-depth while investing in a collaborative relationship with a qualified and compassionate counselor. Clients will be supported in gaining insight and identifying personal strengths, as well as being assisted to resolve barriers to change as they move forward in the healing process of recovery.

Couples Counseling Services

This service is available for clients who are interested in experiencing supportive counseling while endeavoring to repair and rebuild intimate relationships that have been adversely affected in the cycle of addiction. Couples counseling sessions will be scheduled as appropriate based on client need and scheduling ability.

Family Counseling

Substance misuse and/or abuse can often strain primary relationships to the point where there may seem there is no return. At Northeast Comprehensive Counseling Servides family counseling sessions serve to assist family members in communicating more effectively as healing takes place and loving relations are restored.

Anger Management Counseling Services

Social Support Network Development

Throughout the course of treatment each client will be assisted through counseling and education to research and develop social supports available to them for establishing abstinence and stabilizing in early recovery. These supports are an essential element in building a firm foundation for long term sobriety and on-going recovery.

Recovery Maintenance / Discharge Planning

Clients engaged in counseling services will be supported to develop a comprehensive treatment plan based on individual circumstance, available resources, and current need. This will cultivate strategies for linkages in the larger community to assist individuals in maintaining recovery post treatment and provide a concrete plan for sustaining abstinence and recovery upon discharge. Referral services will be provided for continued professional support post program completion based upon client need.