South Jersey Drug and Alcohol Interventions


An intervention is one way to let your loved one know that you want them to get better.

The NCCS intervention process entails a gathering of family,friends and the individual struggling with addiction, in our private comfortable intervention room. Our interventions are not “Surprise” orientated.
Clients are ask to come, meet and discuss their current situation with a counseling professional in the presence of their family and or people that are genuinely concerned about them.
During this meeting, the interventionists will calmly tell the person how their destructive behavior has personally affected members of the family and friends. Each person who attends may speak of specific incidents that suggest the need for treatment or offer an ultimatum requiring the person to agree to treatment or face consequences.
Successful drug addiction interventions have proven that after an addicted persons hears his or her loved ones speak, they are willing to go to treatment.